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Below you will find up and coming news as well as other JML/Dawn related items I feel might be of interest to you, the internet viewer. This page will continue to be updated as often as possible.  It's by far not the most current or up-to-date, but I do *try* as time permits to keep it current.




JML's official site,, has now added a new interactive message board here.  Be sure and check out all the fun they are having over there.

Also, for a sneak peek at Joe's latest projects, Check out this Wizard article.  for more details.



The *Back in Black* print has hits stores, so go out and BUY one now!  You won't regret it =)   

CFD #1 fake alert - There is a seller on eBay that is selling them for *buy it now* at $14.95  The seller states they don't know if the books are fake or not.  I took the liberty of getting one and they are FAKE.  Of course for 15 bucks, it was kinda funny to see one in person.



Well, looks like Joe is in full swing this spring. Rumor has it that the Pin-up book and 2002 Calender are right on schedule and the Back in Black print should be hitting stores soon. 

Joe will finally get to do another cover for Wizard Magazine and you can view some more information about it here (sometimes it doesn't work)

And don't forget, the 4th Annual, Dawn Look-A-Like Contest will be held this summer at Atlanta's DragonCon and first prize is a good $1,000  Hope you see some of you there!



DragonCon has posted their official Dawn Look-a-Like contest photo's from the 2000 competition. You can view them here.  DragonCon has also officialy announced that YES! there WILL be a 2001 contest!  So all you lovely goddess's out there, come down to Hotlanta and enter this summer!  If any goddess out there would like some information or has questions about the contest, I'd be more than happy to answer you if I can.  Just email me =)

As Winter gives way to Spring, we look forward to Dawn's rebirth once more.  JML has announced that there will indeed be a NEW Dawn series in 2002 ALL REJOICE!  You can view more details of this at NextPlanetOver's Artist Message Board where JML has been answering fan's questions for quite some time now. He also states that the series will have new characters and focus on Darrian once more.  JML also devulged that he is planning an Esque on-shot due out just in time for Christmas. has also updated their pages and rumor has it that you should be able to buy Dark Ivory directly from the site very soon as well as some other merchandise they are hoping to offer.



I'm in the process of revamping the site, so please stay tuned and be patient with me as I do some long overdue overhaul! The *collecting* section will be the most notably different page as I've added a new section and redone all the pages to make them more user friendly. Any feed back is most welcome.

My fellow AP buddy Mok recently had the honor of getting a sneak preview to the new Dawn print *Back in Black* that will be offered in Previews at the recent Motor City Con in FL. He only gave out a few details but said that its very very sweet and has a CFD flare to it! I surely can't wait to to get one!

And as a parting comment, keep checking Linsner.Com for current JML news. They are keeping their site updated fairly regularly with lots of juicy JML news and tidbits.


02-12-2001 has added a few more scheduled shows for JML this year.  Don't miss a chance to see Joe at a city near you!  Looks like he's traveling all over the place.  DragonCon in Atlanta has also recently confirmed Joe as a guest for their 2001 season.  Will there be another Dawn look-a-like contest?  Keep your eye's peeled to , I know I will!

Also, according to the latest Wizard, seems that Killraven was such a hit with Marvel, that Joe may have more projects in the works with them.  Can we hope for a second issue of Killraven from Joe?  I dunno, but it sure would be nice!

stay tuned as I search the outer limits of Heaven and Hell for the latest JML news available.



Well, Joe's latest series, Dawn, Return of the Goddess was finished August 2000 and rumor has it we won't see Dawn again until spring 2001 where she will be starring in her own Pin-Up book!

*Killraven 2020* for Marvel comics just came out this month and the Wizard review of it looks great!. Joe Linsner's Official website at is up and running and starting to get updated more often with upcoming store signings and Joe's latest projects.

The *Dark Ivory 0* (a prelude to the three part series due out late 2001) will be available at store signings this winter and through in March. There's a nice article about it at WizardWorld Online.

Rumor's of another card set are also still out there and with the success of The Portable Dawn (if you noticed, it said "volume one") there may be another PD in the works and could also include some of Joe's non-Dawn art as well. A mini flip book perhaps?

Well, thats all the Linsner/Dawn rumor's that I have the liberty to tell right now.  Changes in the wind........