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Below is a discription and list of members from the Brotherhood of Vartra Fan Club and Chat Club.

Lsaysl aka Joellen Sarver

I am an empath from one of the Forest regions of Shola, highly trained in hand-to-hand combat and weapons skills. I am also fairly good in the area of diplomacy when necessary, as I can easily use my knowledge of the emotional state of an individual or group to diffuse difficult situations. My pelt is a brown so dark that it is almost black, with hidden blonde stripes and swirls that mimic the pattern of watered silk. My hair falls almost to my waist and follows the same pattern as my pelt. I usually wear it in a mass of tiny braids that I tie into a single loose braid at the nape of my neck if they get in the way. My eyes are a brilliant green with amber flecks that only show if the light hits them just right. My skin is dark except for the lighter colored scars around my left ankle and right hip, but my pelt covers those well enough that they are indistinguishable to the casual observer.

M'nokada (rachel)

Pelt : Honey coloured reddish blonde with blonde banding on face, eyes: vibrant green.

Jeremy McKean

Statistics: Age: 17, Gender: Male, Race: Human, Current Occupation: Working under M'Nar for various computer operations, Physical: Height 6' 0", Hair: Dark Brown with some white in the bangs, Eyes: Brown

History: Jeremy is a non-telepath that has arrived with his younger sister, Katrina, who is a telepath. They were sent with a batch of other Humans when Earth sent some of their telepaths to Shola for training. He has made of living off of servicing computers and hacking into computer systems and is considered a professional by Earth standards of computer programming and engineering.

In his spare time, he likes to visit the Training Center to brush up on his martial arts skills and he likes to sit in pubs, drinking coffee, thinking about how much he could sell his storage of Jolt Cola for and how much catnip would affect a Sholan, as well as think up little surprises for M'Nar's computer systems. He'll also talk to people when he's not off in the Twilight Zone.


I've a reddish, dark chestnut brown pelt with black hair and markings. Markings include banding on the tail, tips of the ears, hidden stripes down the back, back of the shoulders, and behind the hips, the tabby "M" on the forehead, and a couple marks on the jaw . I have golden yellow eyes. I come from a forested area. I like to have two small braids on either side of my head and all my hair, including the two braids, pulled back and loosely tied at the nape of my neck. The braids start behind my ears and hug the sides of my hair bundle. I like to wear golden hoop earrings and I have an armband on my upper right arm. Firsa, my jegget, likes to perch on my shoulders with her tail wrapped around my neck. My Talents are an heightened sense of awareness and accelerated healing. I "know or feel" where people, animals, and objects are, without needing to see them. I'm a young female, still training and studying at the Guild. I have no Companions or bond-mates at the moment, but i wouldn't be adverse to finding one! ;-) I rather like the Terrans' idea of having a life-mate. I just wish I could find a male I'd consider bonding to for life...


I'm a human female, height is about 5'5 I'm 18 years of age and my birthday is Nov 6,1981. I have reddish brown hair and chestnut brown eyes. I grew up on earth in the state of Tennessee. I'm an only child and my mother, a telepath, was killed in a car accident on earth when I was just 12 years old. Though I enherited my mothers gift, my father lacks any talent at all. We live on Shola and runa rather popular chocolate shop.

L'saizul AKA L'sai

I am a 5'7" 21 yr old female. I have vibrant emerald green eyes and long flowing blond to light brown hair. My pelt is light to medium brown. I tie my hair up in braids, but when I let it down it falls to my tail. I am a master swordsman (woman), and am very skilled in artillery, and hand to hand combat (Not a woman to mess with!) I have quite a Talent, that ranges from telepathy to psycokinesis and more, I just haven't explored the limits to my abilities. I became a Sister of the Brotherhood of Vartra rather than go to the Telepath Guild. ^_^ I do have a Companion, Badger, and we are both very loving to out friends and family.

Amy aka Amekoi

I have a sand colored pelt, with banding only a shade darker, almost invisible. I have small, low-set ears, almost completely hidden by my hair, which is usually in a pony tail at the nape of my neck. My eyes are gray, with a green inner ring, when I am calm, but when I get angry or am hunting, they change to green all through. If I am ill or depressed, the green almost disappears. For that reason, I was eager to join the Brotherhood, since the litanies could help keep me calm, and help me hide what I really feel.

Carolyn aka T'Koi

I'm a Brotherhood of Vartra Sister.They first recruited me from the Warrior Guild forty years ago. Being middle age(Sholan Years) I don't do as many missions any longer. However, my gifts have best suited being a mentor to new or young recruits. Mostly those from wounded backgrounds. The goal is to steady and exhort while they learn to adapt. This also allows time for personal research into the habit of humans keeping animals as pets. I'm a quiet sister, my fur is a warm chestnut , my hair is a shade darker with a silver streak that starts behind my right ear and goes all the way to my hips. I have enjoyed the liveliness and energy humans have brought to our planet and our lives.My gifts are empathy and an ability to discern not only the enemy without but the one within as well. No name for it just is.

Check back often as I continue to update this list with our talented cast of players and members. If you want to contribute to this page, please email me.

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