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Color - S.Q. Productions 1994

Linsners first full color portfolio and what a winner this one is! Six gorgeous full color plates, measuring 11 x 17 inches each and depicting femme fatales as Lucifer, a vampire and an angel! This limited edition of 2500 was issued in a plastic see through envelope and came with a strip enclosed "Obi" with small illustrations "thumbprints" of all 6 plates and is signed and numbered by Linsner. The six plates are beautifully rendered and printed on thick stock with much TLC! Most of these have made it into JMLs 2 card sets - In Dawn and Beyond: "Lilith" as card # 25 (this image originally appeared as the cover of the independent comic "Dark Fantasies" #1. "Ride the red wave" card #33, "Heaven and Hell" card #37,  and "My dear" card #42. In the card set "Another Card Set" "Dame Lucifer" is printed as card #19.

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