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Black and White 1991/1993

This is the big one, both in size and collectibility! There are two versions available to the collector, both very rare and as such, expensive, but, well worth the hard earned greenbacks to hold one of these babies in one's slimy little hands! They come in a large envelope with an illustration of Dawn on the front and the prints measure a generous 11 by 17 inches.

The first printing of this portfolio is referred to as the "San Diego" version because the bulk of these were sold at the San Diego Comic Con in 1991. While the printing leaves something to be desired, (there are mourning bands "lines" through the copy, especially on the darker prints) this is hugely collectible and desirable to own. The print run is only 500 copies (indeed, JML says that only 300 - 350 were actually sold) and this has become almost legendary in Linsner circles. Another version of this portfolio was printed in 1993 in the same illustrated envelope, limited to 1500 copies this time, on flat, rather than glossy paper as in the San Diego portfolio, and the printing is of the highest quality. However Linsner decided to add clothing to Dawn on the otherwise nude versions of 2 plates in the San Diego version (Lucifer's Halo and Atys and Lucifer), so for the astute collector, both versions are desirable and needed. Note that the large envelope with the Dawn illustration that houses the prints is the same for both printings indeed, may have been one printing for both versions.

The plates are as follows:

(Dawn with Horned God) This print is signed and numbered in pencil at the bottom. A rather whimsical version of "Twilight" appears as a full page color illustration in "Tears of Dawn" #2 page 3 as a Linsner rip off of himself.

"Between Heaven and Hell"
(Dawn between symmetrical half images of the Horned God)

(The face of Esque"The Vampire") This image also appears in "Cry for Dawn" #1 (first, second and third printing) as a full page illustration on page 19. A color version of  "Esque" is presented on card #20 in the "Dawn and Beyond" card set.

(Dawn crucified upside down on a cross) "Atys and Lucifer" (Atys, Lucifer, Dawn and the Horned God) "The four sides of existence - Sex and Death, Heaven and Hell" JML

"Swimsuit Dawn"
(Dawn lying on a beach surrounded by skulls and a copy of CFD #2) This image originally appeared in "Amazing Heroes swimsuit 1990".

(Dawn holding a knife and Horned God's skull) This image appears as a full page illustration in "Cry for Dawn" #1 (second and third printings on page 18).

"Lucifer's Halo"
(Dawn holding Lucifer's halo skyward, surrounded by demons)