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Your Host: Zeke Feldhaus

Hi, fellow Linsner fan and collector! What Cyndee and I are trying to do here is help out all you guys and girls with hints and information about the vast amount of Linsner collectibles that are out there. We are both collectors ourselves and feel that the need for this information makes this section of this website worth our time and effort. I'm basically doing most of this work by myself and it's quite a daunting task for one person. We welcome and encourage any additions and corrections to this material I am writing. In most cases I will try to state where any of Joe's art has been reprinted in his card sets. The 2 card sets "Dawn and Beyond" and "Another Card Set", are an excellent and affordable catalogue of the bulk of Linsner's published art. A lot of you folks that cannot afford some of the original books, portfolios and such can own a lot of Joes art from these 2 card sets. This collectors section of this site is a work in progress and will be updated on a regular basis. Cyndee and I are both "Dyed in the wool" Linsner collectors and this is a labor of lust for us! Any comments, questions, advice, etc., feel free to send an EMAIL
Happy Collecting! Zeke & Cyndee

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