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Black and white - 1992 CFD Productions

This portfolio comes in an illustrated envelope with an image of Dawn printed on the envelope. There are actually 3 versions containing anywhere from 4 to 6 - 8 ½" X 11" plates. The basic portfolio consists of 4 pen drawings of Dawn, but the first 1000 also had an extra plate of Dawn nude,  sitting on a skull, signed and numbered by Linsner. The rarest and most desirable version has one more plate "The Late Plate" with a hilarious parody of Dawn and The Horned God, obviously upset over the nasty mail for the club membership material being shipped "Late". The "Late Plate" is also signed by Linsner and limited to 450 copies. The 6 plate version is rather rare and commands very high prices nowdays. Three of the plates, "Church of Dawn # 1,2,3 appear in "Dawn, another card set" in colorized versions as cards #68, 69 and 70.

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