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Want to know more about DAWN? Click here for lesser known Tidbits and Dawn/JML Trivia!!! and of course all the tearful details!!!
Want to know more about Joseph Michael Linsner? Click here for a short Bio on the MAN himself!
Want to know about Collecting LINSNER art , comics, portfolios and other Linsner goodies? Click here for all the details from your host ZEKE FELDHAUS
You need a DAWN fix? Click here for a sampling of the MAN's artwork!!!!
Click here for over 30 links to more wonderful DAWN website and clubs!!!
Want to know more about ME ? Click here for all the wacky details of my life! Including winning the DAWN Look-A-Like 1999 Contest at DragonCon!
Click here for "Virtual Linsner's" grouping of Dawn Look-A-Like Photos or Click HERE for Patman's Dawn DC2000 Look-A-Like Photos (a bunch of great pics!).
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