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So you want know more about me eh?

 Well, if you're that bored or curious, you can email me here.  Otherwise, enjoy some photo's from various conventions and such of your's truly and friends. If the following pictures are not enough, you can view a few more here.


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Joe, Traci & Cyndee


Atlanta ComicCon 2002


DragonCon 2002

DC 2002

DC 2002


Millie, Traci & Cyndee

Cyn - 2001



Cyn - 2001

Cyndee and Traci, Dawn 1999 and Dawn 2000

Cyndee, Dawn 1999


Me again!

Cyndee as Dawn


Joe Linsner and Me at DragonCon 2000


Me, Traci and Zeke January 2001

Halloween 2000

Cyndee and Shannon, Dawn 1999 and Dawn 1998

DragonCon 2000


Me, and Tom  DragonCon 2000

Me and Joe after the contest, 1999

Cyn at JC's

Brina and I at DragonCon 1999


Chilling at JC's

Cyndee as Dawn, 1999


Dawn, 10th Anniversary Book Photo


A photo my friend Brian aka Leers for Dawn made!


Me and Traci on  Joe's couch at DragonCon 2000




Brina and Cyndee with the Devil in a Blue Dress, 1999

The winners, 1999


Cyndee as Dawn


Traci Wins! 2000

confusing isn't it?


Don't ask what was so funny!


Me and a very drunk Jason Carter, DragonCon 1999