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So you want know alittle more about me? Well, I'm a self proclaimed Sci Fi/Horror/Fantasy junkie and I tend to read wwwaaayyy to much! I'm crazy over all things JML/Dawn related and even dyed my natural blond tresses red! I had the honor of winning the Dawn Look-A-Like contest at DragonCon in 1999!! Needless to say I was stunned/shocked/shaking out of my boots! It was a super time and I met some wonderful people too! Joseph Linsner and his office goddess, Eva Hopkins are truly two of the nicest people you will ever meet! Well, DragonCon 2000 has come and gone and let me tell you, I had a blast! I was a judge at this years contest and as usual the contestants were amazing. I even got to sit next to Joe Linsner and watch as the bevy of Dawns took the stage. Boy was this ever exciting! I'd like to congradulate all the goddesses that entered this year, they did a fantastic job! Below are some pictures from the contest and the convention in general. There are still some pics from 1999 below also. I'll add more as I get them. Hope you enjoy.


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Cyndee, Dawn 1999

Cyndee and Traci, Dawn 1999 and Dawn 2000

Cyndee as Dawn

Me as Myself

Me again!

Joe Linsner and Me at DragonCon 2000

Cyndee and Shannon, Dawn 1999 and Dawn 1998

Cyndee as Dawn, 1999

Dawn, 10th Anniversary Book Photo

Me and Joe after the contest, 1999

Brina and Cyndee with the Devil in a Blue Dress, 1999

Brina and I at DragonCon 1999

Cyndee as Dawn

Brina and I with Laurell Hamilton at St. Louis Gateway Con 1999

Me and Voltair at DragonCon 1999

Joe and Cyndee, back inside cover of the Dawn, 10th Anniversary book

A photo my friend Brian aka Leers for Dawn made!

confusing isn't it?